Friday, September 26, 2014

Barnes and Noble Wins Award for Marketing Samsung 4 Nook


Barnes and Noble bet when they decided to leave the hardware design of the latest tablet and instead come to Samsung. This allowed the librarian to the reading experience and focus makes money for exaggerated the hell out of it. Apparently its media campaign they suggested (IMA) "Brand Innovation Award" from the Association of Internet Marketing in the 2014th

From subway ads to the radio station and played NOOK business through the integration of multiple ways to get the message about the new Nook from Samsung. Created with a hyper-targeted to mind approach NOOK ads were designed to be attractive, sexy and stimulating, and that people want to read more. Based on nearly every channel of contact, including e-mail, Mobile, Online, Out of Home (OOH) and an online presence and retail in an integrated manner NOOK created order an unforgettable experience to capture the imagination of potential customers . Also activated the impact NOOK Word of mouth and social media under the campaign one step further with the introduction of one of its most entertaining recent social media efforts, #NOOKfaces campaign.

"We are pleased that NOOK has won the IMA" Brand Innovation Award. "Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK NOOK is the most modern of history, and we wanted this device from exposure to creative and imaginative marketing that give a lot of excitement and enthusiasm that she deserves plan creates" Doug Carlson said Executive Vice president of content and digital marketing NOOK Media LLC. "Not only NOOK has shown its commitment to innovation in cooperation with Samsung, but started the new device a bold and exciting way that really with existing and potential customers NOOK resonance."

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SEC charges marketing company with the International Programme Ponzi

The company uses 99% of fund investors to pay earlier investors, the SEC said. The company uses 99% of fund investors to pay earlier investors, the SEC said.

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday announced charges against U.S. company eAdGear to implement a system of international sales structure and gave a preliminary injunction and asset freeze against the company.

Charged with a federal court in San Francisco eAdGear Inc. the Hong Kong unit, eAdGear Holdings Ltd. CEO Charles S. Wang, 52; his wife Cathy Zhang Qian, 52; and Chief Financial Officer Francis Y. Yuen, 53 Laurata Chan, director of the accounting firm, is named as a relief defendant, according to a statement from the SEC.

The company was run mainly in the United States, China and Taiwan, and has more than $ 129 million raised worldwide investors, the SEC said.

The company says it is an internet marketing business successful. However, the SEC levied eAdGear said use 99% received from new investors to earlier investors funds to pay.

The operators have pocketed some of that money to pay personal and bought houses millions of dollars to lend out.

"EAdGear and their operators falsely claimed it to market a business profitable, when in fact, the Internet, a Ponzi scheme have operated and Pyramid dams were running loose Chinese communities and investors caused millions of dollars', L. Jina Choi said conductor the Regional Office in San Francisco with the SEC, in a statement.

The company launched its website in 2010, describes the company's mission as "global advertising" and says that "provide [s] vital internet tools for small and medium businesses looking to market their products and / or services over the internet."

He says the company generates millions of dollars from his "Gale technology" to the page ranking of search engine marketing and optimization were to increase false, the SEC said.

According to documents of the company, there were no sales to paying customers, until November 2012, although the company reportedly for two years running successfully.

In April 2014 eAdGear had about $ 370,000 to his bank account and was on the verge of collapse. Wang said that the investors eAdGear had about 5 million U.S. dollars, the SEC, that the actual number "much higher."

The Federal Court of SEC request to freeze assets and provides a preliminary injunction granted. The order prohibits the defendant to pay, more investors get in one of their other sites -,, and A hearing was scheduled for Oct. 10.


Discover SEC Busts 4 Think TripAdvisor Scam Seniors against insurance agents.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Internet Marketing Strategy that works

Only the best materials possible construction than content with a big advantage with Google. While there is no other solution for the contributions of the research, which is free of defects. But you should know that you are removing a powerful 網路 行銷 attempt to harmful content. If you liked this story and would like to learn more about 網路 行銷 you visit the site. This new round of changes underscores the basic fact that sites that are less than the amount of content they want to hate. Google wants the website to the authority of experts and materials are included complete with a large amount of content. The most important decision, because the gap is to make the best content that offers great value make.

If you do not, to monitor with Web Analytics the behavior of the traffic to and from your site, then you will not know the answer to any of these questions! If you do not know the answers to these questions, then you may not understand if you want to spend your marketing sources, upgrade your items or solutions, or the content and pages on your website to rearrange. In order to understand what is effective and what is not, you should analyze your traffic.

Google will be your business appear when someone searches online for a specific product or are looking for a service. It's really not rocket science. Just do an Internet search on Google for "how can I get an account with Google Places? And configuration instructions.

In addition to marketing and article submission directory, you can make your new website to submit a few of the social book marking sites such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. This will cause the search engines to find your new website and index your site faster.

What now? The best way to get traffic to the site? Getting potential customers? How to sell products or solutions that are provided on the web site? These are common concerns, are following most website owners / bloggers websites sites. Application of a technique of search engine optimization is the solution. In simple words it means to have a website ready to go, is not enough. Others should understand that there is a website / blog. Spiders / robots Google Crawl into your website or a blog, website information loaded. Rich content specific keyword. In the meta-tag keywords defined your website should be consistent with the content of the website. In addition, the plan must include the name of the place in this world.

Automatic replies. In this job, you need a lot of people who have contact e-mail and many people also to contact you so that you can receive immediately able to save your valuable time and organize your e-mails. This software will help you do that, then you will not have to do with the tedious chore.

They assume internet marketing is one thing: Most webmasters are the benefits of optimization services engine once or twice, and if not 網站 SEO to get results in the rule, Search Engine Optimization can be quite, say not. SEO is not a one time thing. Anyone who says something against you, is simply wrong. Think of SEO as a marketing strategy. You must continue to improve your backlinks and SEO site rank higher.

Search engines have sent some of our best customers. Been considerable with us for years, and a surprising number have bought on your first visit - directly from the search engines.

Date of Event:


As the ideal method of affiliate marketing can be substantial revenue for you

The system of online affiliate advertising, Affiliate Marketing = All craft are as familiar a %%% 2FU 2F948971402940260352 & cat = all & tid faster climb Stephen Galgocy to back along in recent years, and many people aware. And the Internet has led to a rapid growing number of companies, but the affiliate program of online advertising has many missing certainly one of essentially the most useful and profitable for all. In fact, scientific studies for one of the most effective at a price reasonable and good internet income generating strategies have shown.

Discover the basics of affiliate marketing and internet advertising is amazingly easy, but turns out, surely one of the great stars of the Elite is a highly secure key until finally lately. Internet affiliate marketing is basically advertising and marketing a product or service through a network of people unbiased product sales, called partners or affiliates. A place, an agreement between the owner of a company and website. But do not slip-up on that it despite its simplicity, the wide world of web marketing software and affiliate advertising has to get to one of the most effective methods explosive gains.

Like I said, the software subsidiary of online advertising can certainly one of the best ways to be to generate money online. As one of the first shots of the screen some information that you earn on your way to making money should be on the web as an affiliate marketer. Another thing that you should know is that most of your website, the more customers you can attract attention, which is also the opportunity to pay more money into the system of affiliate marketing and advertising network.

They produce a significant income from software affiliate advertising World Wide Web will get sure when you are choosing affiliate networks correct. You have to develop an operating site goods and independent Internet-based services that you want to sell, if you want to generate real money online promoting affiliate application. Among the best places to conduct exploration work in the registration process, is through "affiliate directory". While the cost of funds is usually built in a plan online affiliate advertising, I suggest you take a little time to see the packets.

You will find virtually countless places online that offer a wealth of information on the Internet and affiliate advertising and marketing in general to discover. These plans were already Affiliate Internet developed in response to the growing demand for powerful teaching on the scope of Internet marketing. Cards can also be a series of the most beautiful places of teaching online affiliate.

Advertising and marketing online affiliate application allows anyone to create significant profits as a result of online marketing and advertising. Retailers scientists began significantly associated directories to use the packages and related programs affiliate networks in the industry and support their products and services. I understand the point of view of an affiliate marketing software online because I generate exactly the same as with other business systems, the same astronomical income to a provider of related services.

As certainly one of the industries fastest today invite online affiliate marketing plan net is definitely a real opportunity to house the business. Although the process increasingly by some unscrupulous entrepreneur abused much more, the method of advertising and online affiliate marketing is a real organization and very rich. Internet affiliate marketing is a great way for many of us actually generate profits on the net.

Creative Uses for MTurk for my business / internet marketing?

Okay, I have a strange idea for you. Probably fail miserably, but hey, it's only $ 7, or?

Perhaps there is a right to a return on investment basis. And one that potentially very scalable.

Consider MTurk workers. What they all have in common? Tens of thousands of people - each of them are interested to make money online.

Of course it is difficult to do much in MTurk. So what is the next logical step for a Turker? Fiverr.

And I just see so happen to offer a course of Fiverr for sale.

So how about the design of a task, the work to promote the course for them? Perhaps you might have to read the sales page and a survey.

Start with questions that get them to express positive feelings about the product: "What was the most attractive part" Then the issues that are to be displayed with the product are: "When describing the system, how much money do you think were implemented ? "and so on, resulting in the first month to a kind of soft closing. That would be a little secret, of course.

You can meet the requirements of the task, adjust your target audience.

And maybe some of them to buy. Only one way to find out. -)


PS If you decide to try, I think probably increase the acceptance of Bitcoin your conversions significantly. It is popular among people Turker.

Get your MBA in Internet Marketing with the guides 12 and 2 of the course


MBA are not cheap. If you want to get one from a school like Harvard, have $ 95,100 per year.

If you want to get an equivalent degree in Internet marketing, you know how much it cost? If you thought it was free, you're right.

All you have to do is read the 12 rules below and follow the 2 courses I described in this post, and will continue his career in internet marketing.

12 runners and 2 courses

That's what you need to read (in this order):

  • Online Marketing Guide for Beginners - without understanding the basics, you will not know where to start and how to proceed.
  • The complete guide to understanding consumer psychology - if you do not know what makes people tick, or, better yet, do not buy in a position as a buyer to be successful.
  • Advanced use of SEO Guide - Google is the most popular website in the world. This guide will show you how to gain you traffic from Google.
  • Advanced use of Content Marketing Guide - Blogging is one of the easiest to build and increase your authority social media traffic routes. But creating content is not easy. Must you follow the steps in this guide to the creation and success of the content.
  • Advanced users to link building - one of the best ways to get more traffic is to get other sites to link to you. Following these strategies, link building, you not only get more referral traffic, but you can also get more traffic from search engines.
  • The complete guide to building your public blog - if you do not build a community around your brand and your blog, you will not succeed. You need to maintain a loyal customer base. This guide will show you how.
  • The Definitive Guide to Hacking growth - there are several strategies you can use to grow your business. This guide will teach you how to grow your business on a regular basis for months, months.
  • The ultimate guide to conversion optimization - growing your traffic is only half the battle. The other half is to convert the visitors into customers.
  • The Definitive Guide-Page Optimization - creating pages for your different products and offers targeted landing, you will attract more customers in the area.
  • The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation - will not appear immediately customers. This guide will teach you how to track and keep in touch with your visitors, so that they end up converting.
  • The Definitive Guide to Writing - As a buyer you have to write compelling copy. It is an art and a science.
  • The Complete Guide to Personal Branding - in addition to marketing your business, you must learn to sell. What you will find is that the more you grow your brand, your business will be.

In addition to the above reading guides 12, you need to collect to practical experience. Knowing the market is not enough. You should be able to apply their knowledge to increase sales and increase his.

To gain experience, you will want to keep these two courses:

  • Double your traffic in 30 Days - This course will show you step by step how to take a website from zero to thousands of visitors per month.
  • Double your conversions in 30 days - if you get these visitors to your website, you need to start selling. This guide shows you what to do to convert your visitors into paying customers.


You do not have to spend money to get an education or a job in internet marketing. Instead, you should be able to run.

The beauty industry marketing is that people only care about the results. If you show that you are at getting results, you will do as a seller.

So, what other books, courses or books are worth reading if you get a good education in Internet Marketing?


    Internet Marketing Intern

    Marketing IMES


    Business location: Thornton, CO

    Application deadline: 30th September 2014

    Position: Part-time paid



    The apprentice Internet Marketing helps the marketing of the products through sites organization and the media. This position pays a commission of 10% on all profits made over the life of the learner.


    Message and control products from various sources with IMES systems.


    Desired skills are required: Internet, Social Networking, marketing and / or retail.